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The Watchlist as of right now

Sadly, we can't be everywhere in fandom, or know everyone. To save a lot of time running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we compiled a list of every known source we had for news, fic, art, vids, etc. It's not perfect, but it has grown since it was first created. If you have a resource, from your ff.net acount to your vids on Vimeo, that's not listed here, either drop us a comment here, PM this account or email us at spandexreport@gmail.com

The General Fandom:

News Episode Airtimes Toys Podcasts Recaps/Recs
Rangerboard Nick and Toon Nick Rangerboard No Pink Spandex ranger_recaps
No Pink Spandexkyl416's Schedules Toy Grid Rangercastprrecs
Toy Grid PodForceTruncated PR
Twitter: Heropower Rather Odd Productions podcastpr_ficfinders
Twitter: LinearRanger heropower_show(Vidcast)pr_samurai
Twitter: Rofang Atop the Fourth Wall(Vidcast)pr_meta
Twitter: BurgundyRanger Ranger Bar[community profile] samurai_forever
Twitter: MorphinLegacy
Twitter: PowerRangerNews


Fanfic Comms
prslash/pr_slash prsw22 subskysociety pr_au100 prfanfiction pr_samurai
prfic100beyond_ag [community profile] starsfic [community profile] the_ranger_database [community profile] powercoins dillon_ziggy
prficathons/[community profile] prficathons the_rpm_garage [community profile] samurai_forever
LJ/DW Fanfic Authors
[personal profile] purplestripe66[personal profile] defeatedbyabridge [personal profile] scifisentai [personal profile] mariko_azrael rivulet027 [personal profile] pc32_fics
pockythoughtsprgirlsrock lielabellfic [personal profile] tptigger [personal profile] madkrazyghetto anolinde
[personal profile] thesecondbatgirlstarlit_purple/Starlit Purple queenriley/QueenRiley arytra nanjarohoihoi [personal profile] wildforce71
serpentine85shadowneko003 [personal profile] estirose/Estirose
FF.net Fanfic Authors
Seren MarisJadeTate CrazyGirl47 UnromanticPoetess Zen'Aku Lati JDPhoenix
GriddleboneM14Mouse Soldier's Pixie SilverCaladan DJ_Rocca Jeannine Trevizo
Mayonnaise JaneDarkBlue86 Syd and Z
(aka pink_thunder17
and beckyhelene)
walutahanga Guardian of Hope Hagar


___pricons___ [community profile] powercoins nanjarohoihoi DeviantArt
[personal profile] jenndubya (instead of wwfanz's pricon comm posts.) pr_samurai [community profile] samurai_forever
Pictures and Caps
YouTube listMystical Wing's vid tag

Notable Threads

Message Boards
Henshin Justice Unlimited Rangerboard PRUFuñaroboard
RangercrewTokusatsu Fusion PMC Forum


Why hello there.

You've found the mod account for the Spandex Report Newsletter.

Not much point in friending it, as we won't be posting anything of interest here. Nor will we be friending people to keep track of them.

That said, if you've got something for the SR, be it a correction, new item or announcement, you can either drop us an email at spandexreport@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

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